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Segmenting by persona
to increase campaign relevance


Vodat International needed to build a sales pipeline for its network solutions, which meant getting noticed by very busy retailers, in a notoriously crowded tech market.
As networks are not always an investment priority for retailers, the campaign needed to increase the company’s relevancy and topicality, promoting the benefits of reliable connectivity in retail stores, and addressing key pain points in modern retailing for particular personas – CEO, CFO and IT director.


Fieldworks used thought leadership to develop a campaign centered on a subject that retailers care about deeply: the changing customer.
We did this by addressing the fastest-growing consumer group – Generation Z – using original research to highlight their appetite for digital interaction in-store, and the importance of a robust network to make this technology work effectively.

Using original research among 1,000 UK teenagers, we looked at the digitally-driven needs of the fastest-growing consumer group – (born 1995-2010) – when shopping in-store, and how failure to invest in a robust network would impact their spend and loyalty.
The campaign was based on an insight report, entitled Generation Z, the Store & the Technology Ticking Clock, followed by a series of blogs targeting Vodat’s three key retail decision makers: the CEO, CFO and IT.
As the day-to-day priorities of Vodat’s target personas vary, Fieldworks segmented the campaign with these persona-specific messages:

• CEO – Generation Z is your fastest-growing customer opportunity, which your business needs to target to outshine the competition.

• CFO – failing to meet Generation Z’s needs will lose you sales. Address your network issues now to find the right solution at the right price.

• IT – you’re already receiving complaints about store technology. As this volume of technology increases, complaints will get worse unless you have a robust, secure network.

For IT and the CEO, we also developed a quirky direct mail piece – sending IT personnel an invisible cloak!

Thought leadership was amplified by an integrated multichannel execution strategy, utilising email marketing, PR, social media and telemarketing.

The campaign conveyed a clear message: Generation Z wants digital interaction as part of the store experience, but most retailers do not have the right network to support more technology.
Creative thought leadership content was key to the campaign’s success; all assets needed to be visually impactful, intelligently worded, and tap into the agenda of Vodat’s target prospects.


Fieldworks executed the campaign across multiple channels (email marketing, social media, DM, PR). Interactions were lead scored and engagers followed-up through telemarketing, to secure sales meetings.
In 12 months, the campaign generated more than 400 content interactions, 150,000+ social media impressions, and 946,000 opportunities to see across PR coverage in retail media titles.

Full of insight, the report Generation Z, the Store & the Technology Ticking Clock was downloaded 145 times, exceeding the KPI by 45%. An 18% average email open rate was achieved, with an average email click through rate of 23%.

The campaign also led directly to 35 new LinkedIn connections and 34 sales meetings being secured, resulting in Vodat International making the tender list for three high-profile retailers’ network upgrade projects.


“This was the only marketing and demand generation campaign we ran this year, and it filled our pipeline for the year.

“Fieldworks expertly demonstrated how to blend thought leadership content with strategic execution, to create assets that retailers want to read, supported by a nurturing journey that directly led to sales meetings.”

Paul Leybourne – Head of Sales, Vodat International