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How to not lose sales
due to poor in-store connectivity


In-store digital connectivity is now an essential part of bricks-and-mortar retail. Consumers have lapped up the slick, friction-free experiences served by disruptors such as Amazon and they expect a similar level of service from physical retailers.

That means customers want faultless instore Wi-Fi connectivity as well as fast epos systems, intuitive self-service terminals and delightful personalised experiences delivered to their smartphone. However, many retailers are still falling way short of consumer expectations.


The campaign

Our campaign used our exclusive consumer research (UK-representative sample of 2,000 people) to highlight the impact connectivity pain points have on key retail metrics such as sales conversion, brand loyalty/advocacy and in-store dwell time.

We created an interactive web page to display the results in an engaging fashion while enabling us to gather valuable data about prospects. The results are segmented according to the age of respondent: GenZ, Millennials, GenX, with a clear call to action to start a sales conversation with Vodat.

The aim is to position our client, Vodat, as a leader in the in-store digital connectivity space – to show they understand retailers’ challenges and have the practical advice, products and services to strengthen retailers’ customer proposition despite tough trading conditions on the high street.


Our ‘Digital Pain Points’ campaign provides quantitive data illustrating how sub-standard in-store digital connectivity can have a negative impact on consumers’ shopping habits, eroding a long list of key performance indicators that define retail success. Our campaign does this in an engaging and easy-to-digest fashion to engage with a key set of retailers.

We achieved this by leveraging the third-party opinion of UK shoppers, quizzing a UK-representative sample of 2,000 consumers about their attitudes to good and bad in-store connectivity. The data we derived from this research revealed the key role Vodat’s solutions have in modern retail, validating and strengthening the company’s value proposition. It also shows that Vodat takes time to understand the challenges specific to the retail sector and possesses the actionable insights necessary to help boost in-store dwell time, customer conversion, average order value, customer loyalty/advocacy among other vital metrics.

During our campaign we implied that Vodat not only has the right solutions to create a highly effective digital network capable of transforming a retailer’s business, it also has the thought leadership, expertise and experience to maximise the retailer’s return on investment. Our key objective and take away from this campaign was to secure 50+ leads from the web page and to secure 500 webpage views in the first month in order to bring target retailers down the sales funnel.


A large portion of this campaign focused on brand awareness, highlighting how many sales opportunities are lost due to poor in-store connectivity.

Our campaign achieved this by reaching audiences across multiple platforms. Our e-shot with Retail Gazette put us in front of a wide audience, securing a 22% open rate from a circulation of 20,050 and securing 347 clicks. Meanwhile our own organic emails achieved a rise in CTOR of 9.3% proving a higher relevance of our content to our audience. In the first month we surpassed our goal for form downloads exceeding the desired 50+ by 41 and exceeding our target of 500 users visiting the landing page in the first month by 206 people. In this time frame we have also seen engagement from than five retailers who were on our top 250 targets list in this time.


“This campaign is a great example of how first-class creative, produced on a modest budget, can drive commercial success. Not only did the creative look great, it also got results. Fieldworks exceeded the download target by 182% and campaign homepage visits by 142%. More importantly, we’ve started valuable sales conversations with five retailers from our target list and we’re confident more will follow.”

Emma Robinson – Marketing Manager, Vodat International