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Showcase expertise in the area of customer-centric supply chains


When OpenText wanted to raise the profile of its supply chain transformation solutions, it enlisted Fieldworks Marketing. The objective was to showcase OpenText’s expertise in the area of customer-centric supply chains.



Fieldwork’s solution was to write and design a comprehensive market report and webinar which showcased OpenText’s considerable skills in three key areas of automation, supply chain visibility, and integration of transformative technology.

Fieldworks director, Chris Field, also delivered a presentation at OpenText’s Innovation Tour, referencing the insights and statistical findings drawn from both the webinar and report.

The aim of the market report was to show retailers what ‘the perfect order’ looks like, its many benefits and how they can best achieve it with minimum disruption and capital expenditure.

Fieldwork’s content had to resonate with OpenText’s retail prospects, speaking in their language and showing that the company understands retailers’ challenges and pain points around supply chain digitisation and transformation.

Editorial rationale

The editorial rationale for both the market report and webinar involved asking the target audience the following questions: ‘How far along the supply chain transformation journey is your organisation to enable the perfect order?’ and ‘Is there a better way to accelerate development capability?’

The report explores these ideas in the form of an information-rich conversation pitched at CTO-level executives. In order to resonate with this target audience, the report is necessarily bold and opinionated, evangelising about the benefits of full supply chain transformation for all stakeholders.

The context to this conversation is that retail sector supply chain transformation (including digitisation, automation and optimisation) will be a significant driver of growth as retailers move from supply-led to demand-driven supply chains.

This transformation will enable retailers, suppliers and manufacturers to respond swiftly to ever-more discerning consumers, a proliferation of products and retail channels. Only those who successfully embrace the challenge of transformation will prosper.

Narrative of transformation

The report and webinar are structured around four key ideas. These are:

The status quo. The supply chain is still transaction, rather than value-focused, visibility is poor, retailers don’t collaborate with suppliers and processes manual.

Procure to pay. Achieving a single, standardised and automated view of the ‘procure to pay’ process is fundamental to retail supply chain transformation. Too much time, effort and cost is currently wasted on low-confidence, non-standardised, paper and manual processes.

Supply chain visualisation. Organisations that have created systems to ensure clear, real-time visibility of their supply chains will benefit from a significant competitive advantage over their peers, and meet the demands of the modern consumer. This extends the full length of the chain – from supplier to retailer and every step in between.

Time for transformation is now. The target audience are asked to plot where they are on their transformation journey and the benefits of the ‘perfect order’ are outlined.

To read the full ‘Perfect Order’ report, commissioned by OpenText and produced by Fieldworks, click here.