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Boosting brand awareness
among retailers across sectors


Klarna, a leading consumer credit compan, wanted to build brand awareness within the ‘home’ retail segment, which includes furniture and home, garden, leisure and DIY retail. The company approached Fieldworks with four specific objectives:

  • Increase knowledge and adoption of Klarna’s three core consumer credit products: Pay now, Pay later and Slice it
  • Provide proof that Klarna understands customer pain points in each of the targeted sectors
  • Show how Klarna products can remedy these pain points with their cost-effective payment solutions
  • Raise awareness of the Klarna brand as a whole.


We devised a campaign that reached out to key decision makers across the key retail segments, explaining Klarna’s value proposition and raising brand and product awareness.

For the Direct Mail segment of this campaign we created a high-quality product which used specific paper weights and textures to communicate the great value Klarna’s solutions deliver and the way they enhance the customer experience.

We also wanted to effectively communicate Klarna’s unique branding while creating a direct mail that stood out from those sent by competitor brands. Print-ready artwork was produced showing various home-related products being sliced as a card insert was removed from a wallet. The idea was to visually represent Klarna’s Slice it consumer credit solution and this level of interactivity aimed to increase engagement and campaign effectiveness

Klarna case study
Klarna case study


The key to success was to target Klarna’s top 750 prospects in the three sectors. Careful database management meant 98% of the direct mails landed successfully with 734 of Klarnas top prospects experiencing the first touchpoint of the campaign.

The wider campaign saw successful engagement with 135 brands, garnered 70,799 impressions and 448 clicks on social media with a 0.51% CTR.

Our campaign proves that effective direct mail still has an important role to play when engaging c-suite personas.

Klarna said: ‘Fieldworks captured the essence of our Slice it payment solution with their innovative and creative direct mail campaign.


“Fieldworks helped Klarna create a thought-provoking multi-channel campaign that captured the attention of the target audience in advance of the busy summer sports sales season. Additionally, they devised a straightforward social selling programme for a reluctant commercial team – making it easy to understand and follow.”