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Account Based Marketing – Acting on insight

The term account based marketing may just have been invented but this has always been our approach since we were founded in 1998. Marketing on insight is the only way to generate new business and it follows the approach taken by any good sales team – find the prospects most likely to buy based on how our solution solves the problems they are having right now, and which are most pressing.

Account Based Marketing is simply the business of selling based on insight into the target market, company, individual decision maker and their influencers, and recognition of what types of content, channels and tone of voice they prefer.

  • At Fieldworks, we work collaboratively with marketing and sales around a single, shared view of data and goals. This ensures that everyone is using consistent messaging, targeting, communications, nurture and execution.
  • We do the deep research, insight and planning that ensures each communication and the way they are scheduled and followed up are based on understanding each persona within the target business.
  • We recognise that getting cut through requires creativity to hit the idea that gets noticed, vertical market knowledge to ensure it chimes with what prospects are worried about, and the courage to say something new that someone might actually care about.

We avoid ‘black box’ syndication which, while it can throw up a lot of metrics, they cannot really be tied to any inclination or intention on the part of the receiver. Sometimes, all it takes is a gif or sub-15 second video to attract attention and get the click. Prospects MAY want to read your white paper or market report, and maybe they will later, but the call to action will be clear at whatever stage they connect.