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Building brand awareness
with expert website copywriting


When card payment expert 123Send decided to relaunch its website with a new content, it turned to Fieldworks for help. 123Send’s new business team had just been issued with a challenging growth target and a website relaunch was seen as an important step towards achieving this. Fieldworks used its expertise in web copywriting, retail and payment solutions to develop a strategy to identify and target the following key areas:

• Drive quality business enquiries from:

• New SMEs

• PSP switchers

• Boost customer retention

• Increase organic traffic

• Increase dwell time/reduce bounce rate

• Build brand awareness.


Content strategy

Fieldworks advised that 123Send’s website content needed to immediately connect and resonate with the key SME audience of time-poor entrepreneurs. Our website content strategy included the following recommendations:

• A ‘mobile-first’ approach to all content
• Perfect balance of copy length and imagery
• Content should be bite-sized and easily digested
• Clear hierarchy of content (blogs, videos, case studies, infographics)
• Pace and dynamism so content doesn’t all seem the same
• All content should be SEO optimised
• Clear and compelling call to action on all website copy to generate increased enquiries from prospects.

Tone of voice

It was important to highlight the fact that 123Send is a small, highly responsive organisation, especially when compared to competitors who rely on online automation to service customers’ needs. 123Send effectively sells an ongoing customer-service conversation, so website tone of voice was critical. Our recommendations were based up on:

• Short, easy to read/scan, purposeful sentences
• Tone of voice should be conversational, peer-to-peer
• Up-beat with the focus on solutions not problems
• Empathetic: 123Send understands the world from the customer (merchant’s) point of view
• Humorous where appropriate – to show 123Send is human and enjoyable to work with
• Feature blogs and content that provide authoritative advice

Use of empathy statements

123Send’s new website needed to show that the company understands their clients’ world, their challenges and their opportunities. As part of the discovery phase of this project our senior copywriter developed a series of empathy statements that were shared with and validated by 123Send. Here are just a few examples:

Customer: I don’t want to pay high transaction costs and terminal charges.

123Send: We’re free to find you the best deal by shopping around on your behalf, unlike other companies.

The card payment system is confusing, with lots of players. How do I know I’m getting a good deal?

We’re experts in card payments, so you don’t have to be. Since 2003 we’ve built a reputation on finding great deals for our customers. We are transparent with our costs so you can see where we are saving you money.

I don’t want to take any risks. If one or two terminals go down I’ll lose significant trade.

We know how important card payments are for small businesses. We use
the best terminals and our team is always here when you need them.


Fieldworks delivered 40 pages of on-brand, on-message SEO-optimised content within budget and on schedule. All content was subjected to stakeholder scrutiny and underwent two rounds of amends. The new 123Send website is now active and can be viewed here. 123Send are very happy with the results and we look forward to working with them again soon!