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The pursuit of customer happiness

This is a story about Mary the shoe-holic, and a pair of red kitten heels she just HAD to have.

Mary loves shoes, but only comfortable ones – there’s nothing worse than end of night out blisters. From the moment she saw them, it was love at first sight. Patent and shiny, they practically purred her name; ‘buy me, Mary, buy me!’

It left her in an awful dilemma…

Snap up the wondrous footwear, and risk them ripping her delicate feet to shreds?

Or pass them by, and let out a sigh of regret whenever she thought of them?

Thankfully, the shoe company could put potential buyers in touch with frequent shoppers – to answer those little, but crucial, questions. A proud owner of the same shoes assured her they were very comfortable indeed.

Mary and her red kitten heels lived happily ever after.

The moral of the story? Profits don’t build brands, people do.

Download our guide to building brand advocacy – we created it for independent ratings and review provider, Reevoo, who are experts in creating brand advocates through user-generated content – to find out how you can make sure people like Mary make purchases from your brand.




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