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Taste the Rainbow – Healthy Eating Tips

Why healthy eating can mean extended happiness and can help you have more energy and better concentration in the workplace.

I think it’s fair to say that we all want to feel our best when we get to work. Afterall, we have a lot to get done and often in a short space of time. Having a cold or feeling under the weather can be detrimental both to our performance and our creativity and as any good marketeer knows, we need our creativity to flourish and be happy, that’s just a given.

So how does healthy eating play into your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing? Let’s break it down:

You are what you eat

I’m afraid to mention it, but you really are what you eat.

Our bodies are at the end of the day, very complex machines that respond to different stimuli. To do anything well your brain needs a lot of nutrients to function and keep you well and eating the correct foods also helps to reduce the risk of physical health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

To get those nutrients, you need to be eating the foods with them in and sadly, Milky Bars and Dairy Milk don’t count. Don’t worry, I checked.

So, what do you need to have for a healthy and well-balanced diet? Well firstly, we need the types of foods that’ll make a Paleo follower sing and that is less mass-produced food and more natural foods that come straight from the earth as they offer you the most natural nutrients. Lucky for us the PR team will be hosting a healthy team BBQ next week to get your diet kick-started in a nutritious way!

Healthy eating and its solution to the depression Jam Jar

In May this year, spin doctor, Alastair Campbell embarked on a BBC2 documentary where he explored through a diary his journey with depression and looked at the many quirky techniques that have been and still are being used to cure depression.

What was most interesting from the documentary was their use of the analogy of a jam jar for your mental wellbeing. This mental illness jam jar was used by expert, Dr Jehannine Austin as a visual aid to better explain mental outbursts and how to help manage them.

The basics of this is that over time your preverbal jam jar gets full of genetic and environmental factors which ultimately have the potential to overfill causing in some cases a breakdown. What was well explained however, is that that needn’t be the case and that with some well-placed responses to environmental factors you can actually grow your jam jar allowing you more space to be happy and less likely to suffer from depression. One of those things of course was eating well and feeding your body. And the others? They fit into the following section. Read on >>

You’ve five step plan to eating and being healthier this summer:

Since this week is actually healthy eating week, we are luckily in the position that the BNF have come up with a five-step challenge which all of us should consider implementing for the next week.

  • Have Breakfast
  • Have 5 A DAY
  • Drink Plenty
  • Get Active
  • Sleep Well

You might be reading this thinking, I know that guys, but how can I actually achieve them? The key here is making changes in little steps. Choose one to start with and plan that action into your daily lives. Did you know that it takes you 66 days to form a new habit? So remember although one week is a good place to start you actually need to do something for quite a while before it sinks in so remember start next week and keep going!

With that in mind, read on >>

Sharing is caring

Here at fieldworks we are lucky that getting healthier needn’t be done in isolation, as a wider team we want to focus more on sharing our food experiences, whether those vegan, sweet or savoury and to do this we want to encourage you all to start sharing your favourite recipes which make you happy and which you think will make others happy too.


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