Challenge us – we expect you to. In fact, we like to challenge you back, because this is the only way for us both to find out if we can work together on campaigns that take you where you want to go.

Get in touch, tell us your dreams and we’ll see if we can turn them into reality.

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At Fieldworks, our goal is to capture retailers’ attention with bold content, so they sit up, listen and react



Our content team will work with you to develop unique, valuable – and often challenging – viewpoints on consumer market trends.

Our team of award winning content writers, award-winning journalists and analysts have the industry expertise and inside knowledge to develop ideas that put you at the head of the agenda.


  1. We are respected technical and industry experts. The Fieldworks content team are writers and journalists with experience in developing award winning campaigns and working for national and trade publications, as well as alongside leading retailers and retail technology companies.
  2. We are a one-stop-shop, catering for all your content needs: every day we produce longform market reports, by-lined press articles, miniguides, blogs, opinion pieces, videos and animations, social media messaging and infographics.
  3. The success of our content is measurable. We can show you how effectively our content is driving engagement with sales prospects – how far the great idea has travelled and what channels for conversation it has opened.
  4. Fieldworks’ in-house content team are specialists. The team’s sole aim is to work with you to craft beautiful content, helping your sales teams set the scene for your products, working closely with design and the digital teams to optimise the look and amplification of content to maximise engagement.
  5. We take a holistic view of content. Our mission is to drive engagement and sales prospects with strong hero content and use amplification techniques such as animated video and social media messaging to boost reach and longevity.
  6. We produce SEO-optimised content. We know how optimised content can boost your Google score and click through-rates, improving awareness of your brand.


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