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Connections that drive conversions

We’re creative thinkers and creators of great content. We know how to build a loyal and engaged following of brand advocates through powerful storytelling and emotional resonance. And as an innovative full-service retail PR, content marketing and digital marketing agency, we can help you tell your story, build your brand and connect with customers in ways you never thought possible.


Our track record in generating high profile and targeted press coverage in the media read by your decision makers and their influencers, wins industry awards and recognition from our clients for boldness, traction and resonance. And, importantly, for the contribution it makes to your commercial targets.


Our content team will work with you to develop unique, valuable – and often challenging – viewpoints on consumer market trends.

Our team of award winning content writers, award-winning journalists and analysts have the industry expertise and inside knowledge to develop ideas that put you at the head of the agenda.


Our position at the heart of retail gives us unique insights into the trends, topics and challenges that retailers are facing today, and we use this insight used to craft and deliver campaigns that cut through the noise by delivering relevance and value to the target.


We design campaigns that reach decision makers, based on their interests, their chosen channels, the people and organisations that influence them, and the way they prefer to receive and process information. And because reaching senior decision makers is harder than ever, our campaigns are targeted, insight-driven, persistent, persona-relevant and sales-focused.


Whether you’re looking for an impactful thought leadership campaign, or your sales collateral could do with a refresh, Fieldworks’ creative services team offer market-leading content development and design.


Chances are these days that the tech you sell is only part of the answer to companies’ biggest challenges. They want solutions not products, so winning new business now depends more than ever on who you partner with, whether you sell direct or via channel. To help you manage those partnerships so that you are always at the front of their minds, we provide channel management and partner programmes designed to help parties to raise brand awareness and generate sales leads


Chris is interviewed as an independent retail analyst in the national media, most regularly on Sky and BBC Radio as well as a range of print publications. Chris always counters the general doom and gloom about the state of the high street and talks about how retail is going through a major correction that will see it emerge fit for a new economy made up of consumers who will continue to shop on the high street. He also comments on the role that tech is playing in this transformation, enabling retailers to reconstruct their businesses around a clear view of their customers