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Build a channel


Channel Management and Partner Programme

Fieldworks is launching a new service based on its 20-year track record of brokering and managing partnerships between tech companies large, medium and small. You can’t go it alone; tech companies that work in partnership with other tech companies are more successful at reaching, selling to and working with retailers. Fact. 

Retailers are looking for vendors who can come with ready-made solutions, because they are battling with the complexity if trying to manage tech that is now insinuated in every department and every channel.

For the largest vendors, this is about working with the new generation of innovators and disruptors in order to build integrated solutions. Startups meanwhile, often lacking the funds, track record or awareness to get the attention of retailers, look to work with partners that already have a retail footprint.

“If tech companies took the time to understand me better before they start selling at me, they might start to see that a true solution is based on an integrated set of technologies provided by companies that have collaborated to build something I can implement with confidence.” A retailer

Partner and channel marketing services

Fieldworks has created a package of services that support alliances and partner managers, marketing teams and the sales force.


  • Matchmaking
  • Agreements


  • Brochures
  • Whitepapers
  • Market reports
  • Research
  • Blogs
  • Sales decks and sales enablement

Partner communications

  • Newsletters
  • LinkedIn groups – content and moderation
  • Events



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