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Working from home sucks

Like everyone else, we are making even more of our remote tools – Zoom, webinars, podcasts, Teams – to keep in touch, but working from home is only exciting for about 36 hours, after which you will remember one of, if not the best, reason you liked going to work – your colleagues.

Love them or not, you’ll be sad that your only contact with them is on the daily videocast. And if you really like them and at least x per cent of your day is a massive bant (as in banter, not budget, authority, needs, timeline), then you’re in trouble.

But actually, two days in on the old WFH (working from home), a number of amazing things have already happened which I recommend. BTW, I don’t have all the answers by any means, so I hope you are going to be sharing your good ideas.

  1. Working alone is a breeding ground for creativity. Good ideas as well as bad ideas, but at least the brain starts to work differently and throw up all sorts of mad scenarios you may not have thought of. This can only be positive as we dwell on all the things we do that do not work or do not work well. Take account based marketing for instance; it is a journey that we are all on, but it is too early to talk about best practice because the closer you get to your prospects, the more tactical you have to be in your actions and responses based on their actions and responses.
  2. Being apart actually makes you feel closer. I get that we are drawn together around a shared crisis right now, but there is more to it than that. By slowing down, I think we start to think more about each other. Not my kids of course, for them it’s still all about me me me. But, for me, this is about not just doing more for our clients but for the individuals who work for them; how can we solve their several challenges?
  3. Enjoy the silence. The birds are making a racket but otherwise, there is no man-made road or air noise, a wonderful hiatus into which we are drawn to reflect on how lucky we are, whatever our individual sad stories may be – elderly relatives in need of care, family trapped abroad, friends no longer accessible other than by WhatsApp.
  4. Checking in regularly and often with colleagues changes or develops your relationship with them, whether you or they welcome that or not. For all the limitations of not being in the same room, we already have experience of how remote working is setting everyone off down all sorts of different paths they had not gone down before, due to lack of time. For instance, my team is currently working up a schedule for a new series of podcasts that we can share.
  5. I miss you guys already. Sob. I took you for granted and now appreciate just how much you kept me grounded by popping my various creative balloons. However, just today I have five Zoom meetings with full video so hey, maybe I am actually more connected with the world of real people than ever.

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