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Why storytelling continues to drive Aston Martin

Content marketing is all about storytelling, and one luxury car brand is synonymous with a work of fiction.  Forget that the world’s most recognisable secret agent drove a Bentley in the original Ian Fleming novels – when someone says Aston Martin, the next words are likely to be James Bond.

At this week’s WebSummit in Lisbon, Simon Sproule, Chief Marketing Officer at Aston Martin explained the importance of story-telling to the 103 year old brand.

Ever since the DB5 graced cinema screens in 1964’s Goldfinger, the stories of Aston Martin and James Bond have been intertwined.  Yes Bond has driven other cars over the years, but the power of the Aston Martin brand has been revisited time and again especially over the last few films featuring Daniel Craig.

There is an Indian proverb which reads:

Tell me a fact and I will learn,

Tell me a truth and I will believe,

Tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.

This is the case with Aston Martin, which makes their story highly desirable and commoditised via its products – the cars.

Aston Martin benefits from being a brand that people are willing to tell stories about – whether it be Jeremy Clarkson on the latest incarnation on Top Gear via Amazon, or its position at the top of coolness charts; earned media is a big part of its promotional armoury.

Perhaps most peculiar to luxury cars are their incredibly long sales cycles; in some case forty years.  A young boy could have a poster on his bedroom wall from an early age and revere the model well into middle age, until he takes the plunge and gets the car of his dreams.  In this regard, the brand is looking at analogue forms of promotion to raise awareness, as Sproule explained.

Similarly, Sproule identifies audio as another means to convey a story, appreciating that this medium is one of the only means of legal media consumption still available to car owners. This is an area the team is looking to develop.

The burden of heritage can hold some brands back, which is why Aston Martin is constantly looking to move the story along and engage new prospective owners who will fall in love with their cars all over again. Who knows, that DB11 which has just rolled off the production line could be yours in 2056.


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