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What will B2B content marketing look like in 2016?

After a recent trip to the Excel Center in London to attend the Digital Marketing Show, it became clear that the way brands communicate with their audiences is set to evolve in 2016.

After scouring the show floor, I’ve highlighted three important factors that any marketers should keep in mind when planning their content for the year ahead.

Apps are becoming integrated

So far, apps and content have lived side by side but in 2016, we expect them to become truly symbiotic.

Recent research suggests that we spend 89% of our time on mobiles using apps, and brands are racing to make their app as engaging and inviting as possible.

2016 will see more and more companies integrating content and social functionality into their apps so that users can directly watch videos, read blogs and even contact support – all without leaving their walled garden.

Content will become more specific

In 2016, new tools will allow marketers to target their audiences in brand new ways. The wide-cast nets of social media and marketing will become much smaller as marketers harness technology to become increasingly more relevant.

Geolocation targeting and real-time campaign management amongst other things can help marketers anticipate demand and become more relevant.

It’s the digital equivalent of going out to sell umbrellas when it’s raining; find out where there is a real-time need for your service and capitalize on it.

Content will stay relevant throughout

Something that won’t change in 2016 is the importance of content throughout the sales cycle. Whether brands are trying to raise awareness, support customers or even encourage advocacy, content has a role to play.

Fieldworks’ own Chris Field, gave a short presentation on the link between B2B content marketing and lead generation at the event.


Given we’re not yet even in December, more B2B content marketing trends will emerge over the coming weeks. Keep an eye on the Fieldworks blog site, as we’ll be bringing you updates on the future of marketing and retail technology.


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