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Top B2B social media trends for 2016

As B2B marketers, we are constantly looking into our crystal ball to stay ahead of the curve in the changeable world of social media. If 2015 is anything to go by, then the landscape of B2B social media will be completely different a year from now, as technology and consumer trends evolve.

So if you’re interested in the progression of social media into 2016, check out our top tips for the year ahead:

#1 – The importance of video will continue to grow

Last year, video was predicted to become the content of choice for users – a trend that will continue to develop in 2016. All the big social networks are starting to shape their offerings towards this type of content and B2B social media companies are taking note.

#2 – News will move away from traditional formats

We have long prophesied that social networks will become the primary destination for those in search of the latest news – a tweet can be sent far quicker than a news story can be written. With the launch of Twitter Moments and FB Newswire, it is clear the social networks themselves have noticed this trend growing. B2B PR teams are picking up on this too, as the two forms of marketing become ever closer linked.

#3 – Personality matters

Traditionally, more corporate companies have been forced to abide by strict guidelines on social, which has meant that content can come across as dry – lacklustre at best. However, B2B organisations are coming to realise the need to build a digital personality, in order to make real connections on social.

#4 – Reporting metrics will become ROI-driven 

Traditional reporting methods such as follower growth and reach will continue to be of interest, but what B2B marketers REALLY want to know is ROI. Businesses now have access to a plethora of strategies and tools that enable direct tracking of social successes and lead engagement, such as LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator and CRM systems such as SalesForce.

#5 – B2B social media will increase its integration with email marketing

We have seen increasing benefits of a totally joined up email and social marketing approach. In 2016, B2B companies will look to engage with their prospects through multiple channels using lots of valuable content, and connecting the dots between social and email marketing will enable the creation of much more meaningful relationships.

We have an exciting year ahead of us in the social space and the Fieldworks social media team is working with our clients to make sure they are using these emerging trends to generate deeper engagement with their prospects.

For the latest social trends you can follow Fieldworks on Twitter, or speak to us about enhancing your B2B social media strategy.


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