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The Power Of You in B2B Marketing

Too much B2B marketing these days is about technology vendors’ products and services, rather than how this will benefit a brand or retailer – or indeed the consumer.

In the 60s, the Beatles brought innovation to pop music by using impersonal pronouns such as ‘you’, which made the listener feel like they were singing about them. B2B providers could learn a lot from this approach and tailor their marketing content accordingly.

For many, the approach to marketing is based on interruption, regardless of what the target is currently focused on or thinking about. A better strategy is being conversational, placing your content within a bigger picture, which most importantly talks to your targets at the right level.

This is where B2B PR is key part of your marketing mix.  We recently ran a hugely successful campaign around Black Friday which didn’t just hijack the news agenda, it set it.  Using original industry data we added value to the debate by explaining and even predicting how Christmas peak trading would impact retailers and in turn the customer experience.

In this way, our clients were at the heart of a bigger conversation, far beyond the confines of standard product marketing and they could demonstrate to the market that they understood the whole industry.

Naturally there is scope for all the other elements of the marketing mix, such as social media delivered in an integrated fashion, so that prospects have multiple opportunities to receive, engage and respond to communications but through the use of PR to its full extent, that message can reach the very top.


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