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Golden rules for planning a successful B2B event

Professional events are simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking – especially those final moments of set-up, when you’re waiting for guests to arrive.

However, much of the success of B2B event management rests on getting the preparation right. The decisions you make at concept stage will determine the outcome on the day.

People need a strong reason to take time out of their day to go along to an event – and this means getting the three golden rules of event planning right:

Golden rule #1: Your line-up is the main draw. Don’t let them let you down.

Although many people find simple networking worthwhile, the main reason professionals attend an event is to learn something from someone else – ideally someone well known in their area, who is going to give away nuggets of information that people can take away in a digestible format.

Getting a good speaker name is paramount. Once you have your speaker secured, make sure they are briefed andbriefed and briefed on everything, from the agenda of the evening to the exact format you would like them to present.

You don’t want to advertise the event as one thing and it turn into something completely different when the speaker starts talking.

Golden rule #2: Check your calendar! Dates clashes are a common schoolboy/girl error

When planning an event, make sure that your date does not clash with any other industry events – competing risks losing your audience.
When you’ve found a suitable space in the calendar, look for a venue that not only has wow factor, but is easily accessible for your audience.
And keep on top of any obstacles that might impact their attendance: check weather alerts and roadwork updates the day beforehand, and if needs be, send a little note round to your guests with alternative solutions.

Golden rule #3: Deliver the right message to your audience

Even the greatest speaker in the most impressive location won’t guarantee a good event if your content isn’t mapped to the right audience.
They want someone who talks to them in their own language, and an event hook that really pulls them in and whets their appetite – that’s why we get our content marketing team to brainstorm creative concepts for all our client events!

Keep it topical too. You want guests to leave feeling they’re part of today’s industry agenda, with plenty of food for thought.


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