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Six reasons why you need knock-out website content in B2B marketing

Let’s begin by stating the blindingly obvious. In the world of online B2B marketing, website content should answer questions that your target audience will have. In other words content on your website, social channels and emails will have absolutely no value if it isn’t totally tailored to the industry you’re serving and selling to.

At the same time, content provides a golden opportunity to present your own company values, demonstrate individuality, be a little personal and show that you are approachable. Your audience will react and connect – and help your business grow.

Here are six reasons to take content seriously in B2B marketing:

1. Content shows you know the market inside out

Blogs, white papers, opinion articles, newsletters and eBooks all serve a vitally important role in crowded B2B markets: They showcase your company’s vast expertise. They dispel any doubts visitors to your website may have about lack of industry knowledge or experience. They give you an easy opportunity to shout about what you do best, why you do it, and most importantly, how you can help solve the problems your readers are facing in their day to day work. Case studies are a classic example of demonstrating your track record, especially if you have glowing testimonials to include.

2. Content provides you with posts for social media

If you have quality long form content flowing onto your web pages, you will build up fresh and evergreen content that can be shared and amplified, reaching new audiences. Without reports, industry insights, infographics and event write ups, you will have a hard time filling your Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook feeds with value for your audience. And if you want your brand to get noticed you need this voice across many channels. The beauty of social media is that if you do not have quite enough of your own content, you can fill the gaps with other relevant curated content. It pays to share other sources of information – but ideally you will have a mix of your own content and other output, carefully chosen from within the industry.

3. Content helps your SEO

SEO is vital to boost visibility of your website and your brand. If you want to earn traffic from search engines, the first thing you need is top quality, SEO-optimised content. Did you know that traffic from search engines is one of the highest converting traffic sources?

Remember that content must use relevant keywords, which a specialist SEO consultant can help you with. It’s recommended to try and earn backlinks from your content – when others put a link to your article on their site. Content that can be shared via social media has more worth, and of course the articles, infographics and reports you’ve put on your website must be what people want to consume. Search engines like Google take account of content pages that have high bounce rates and low average visit times.

4. Content helps to engage your audience

Top quality content will inspire engagement, and this carries a lot of weight when it comes to online brand building in B2B marketing. While not everybody will agree with what you write, remember that opinions inspire comments, and this is good for SEO and as a way to potentially generate leads. If you have a growing voice in your industry, you are in a good position for networking and getting the brand in front of the decision makers you are targeting. Remember that stunning/unusual images, animation and clever design are vitally important in this journey to get noticed!

5. Content can be tailored to catch the eye of the right people

As part of an Account Based Marketing (ABM) campaign it’s possible to tailor content so that it becomes a little more personal and relevant, making it easier for key sections of your audience to understand who you are and what you do. These people are much more likely to buy from you than disconnected chance visitors. If content is created from the starting point of knowing who would benefit from the information, it can then be shared on social media or email with a target group of prospects, giving sales teams a relevant hook to begin conversations with.

6. Top quality content creates trust

In the corporate world, buying from any individual or business is reliant on one thing: Trust. High level investment decisions can make or break careers in some cases. So confidence, reassurance and clarity are vital. Today, the company website has become the shop window, and as such is a fantastic place to build trust, so long as the content reflects company values and sends out the right messages.

Content can’t seal the deal, but it can start conversations, and allow you to build trust and engagement in the places where it matters.

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