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Not trending on Twitter doesn’t mean no success

Social media is such a broad term. It includes so many different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Vine, LinkedIn etc.

My personal favourite is (and has always been) Twitter. Am I better on Twitter than I am in real life? I think we’re all probably guilty of trying to be.

What I love about it is the immediacy. The real-time nature is what makes it so popular. But it’s a funny old place, isn’t it? In a world where we can get what we want in an instant, and at a completely different time to others, how is it possible to know what will work and what won’t online?

There are some things, however, that we know will trend and be popular. TV shows, sporting events, One Direction birthdays, award ceremonies. These will always work. #RWC2015 trended all day when the Rugby World Cup started. The official Twitter account received an astounding 181 million impressions. That’s a huge success.

It’s not always about what’s trending though.

“What?” I hear you scream. I know. It’s a shock. And yes we all want to see something we’ve done or started trending at some point. But that isn’t the be all and end all of Twitter.

It’s hard to stick out when there are (on average) 350,000 tweets sent per minute. Just think how many different hashtags will appear in 60 seconds. And all the pictures of people’s lunch.

So what can be done to reach that extra level of social success? There’s two things that I believe can work.


Hijacking an already existing trend can do wonders for your business in terms of brand awareness and even making new contacts.

As I said at the start of this blog sometimes you can predict what will trend. How can you make those relevant to you? It’s not always possible and that’s a good thing. If you try too hard it becomes obvious what you’re doing and it’s hard to believe. Sadly #AnythingToDoWithOneDirection might not suit your business, so choose wisely.

If you have a calendar, write down any upcoming events that are relevant to you, or something that can be brought back to you in some way. Look in to what the hashtag might be for that event. Then think about how you can relate back what you do in 140 characters or less. Is it difficult? Yes. Can it be rewarding? Absolutely.


Research different and relevant online communities. There are a number of accounts that do regular hourly hashtags. The world wide web is a huge place and there’s so many different groups for all types of people.

Recently we used @BizHour’s hashtag to promote one of our blogs. Their account retweets any relevant activity, meaning your reach increases. #BizHour didn’t trend, but the blog reached a larger audience by using that hashtag and including the BizHour account than it did previously – and it was a relevant B2B social media audience.

There’s also a daily two hour account which specifically targets B2B. Every weekday between 3pm and 4pm the account retweets to their 35,000+ followers. Will #B2BHour trend? Of course there’s a chance it could. But if it doesn’t trend it can still be seen as a success.

A larger reach is always a good thing. There are also more specific accounts and hashtags throughout the week. These can vary from different types of businesses to regions. The great thing about these accounts is that they are free.

It costs you nothing to do and there’s a great potential for you to reap the benefits.


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