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Marketing in a pandemic : how to make it work for you

While you worry about tone and pitch in a world where head on selling is just going to annoy people, here is some risk-free marketing that you can be doing during.

It’s the hardest question that marketeers are having to ask themselves, what do we do now?

The pandemic has bought about many challenges and not just how to keep ourselves safe, but it’s also accelerated the way in which we think about and approach modern business. Usually heavily reliant on meeting prospects at trade shows and industry events, now the excel is an emergency hospital and the Olympia a soup kitchen, and we know that more than one of you are looking around you wondering, what next?

The trouble is big decisions are most likely just going to get you in trouble, so where do you start? We’ve broken down our marketing best practice into three easy steps which you can apply to any B2B business whatever your product and however those extenuating circumstances are affecting you.

The first reality is that planning is difficult and although we can focus on long, medium and short term goals, the only ones that we can really do any justice to is the short term, as we still don’t know what next month will look like. So, in that case we want you to focus on what you can control by looking at where you’ve been, what you’ve done and what actual success looks like to you.

But ultimately, in order to go forward, we must first take a step back and that is exactly where we should be looking to safely organise our next marketing plans.

What is good to do right now?

  • Start that competitor analysis that you keep saying you’ll do but never get around to
  • Prepare and undertake social/SEO and web audits of your channels and decide what has hit the mark and what’s fallen by the wayside
  • Reassess your marketing successes and failures across the board, what is working for your business and what is time to retire?
  • Finally, start planning for a future and a rebound strategy, where does your business need to be and how do you intend on getting there?

Although we can’t promise next week and the month after, marketeers are being handed the time that we never usually get, that of planning, of internal reflection and the ability to assess the departments activities and make a more streamlined and bullet proof marketing plan for the rest of 2020 and 2021.

Want help devising your competitor analysis or social, SEO and web audits? Why not drop us a line and see how we can get you back on the right track for 2020.


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