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Marketing advice

Marketeers give up too early because they think they are bugging their prospects, when they may not even have been seen yet

Don’t give up

In marketing, persistence and repetition pay. How often do you post a blog and then wait for the views, shares or click to tick up. And then you decide that 300 or 3000 was pretty good and then maybe you check into Sales Navigator to see if there is anyone you should be calling or asking to LinkIn with. And that’s the right approach.

But if the point you are making in the blog is your big pitch, your USP, your message to the world, then what else are you doing to get that message across and how often? Chances are you draw back to see what impact you have made if any, and then thought about what to do next week or month.

Don’t be shy

The problem with that approach is it presupposes that what you are seeing is what everyone else is seeing, when in fact, it’s nothing of the kind. Your grand campaign may have been entirely missed by almost everyone you want to reach.

Now, this is stating the obvious and in fact, most campaigns these days are multi-channel and multi content. These perceived high value activities are also high cost so the victim in the whole process is often frequency because no one wants to add too much more cost. But this is a false economy, because the cost of the campaign will always be negligible against the benefits of it actually working.

Be an irritant

We always advise our clients to release content at a rate that they themselves would consider annoying or aggressive, but in a world where people are not really paying attention, doing something that might actually annoy them is a sure way to get noticed. You want prospects to think, “It’s that company again always banging about x.” They’ve noticed you and the next communication might actually tip them over the edge to agree to a call or a meeting. Yes, an actual meeting. The few that I have had during the crisis have been high quality and generally successful, so ask for them.

The trick is not to give up; just because you are sick of the sight of yourself, doesn’t mean anyone else is. The worse they can do is tell you to go away; then at least you can stop wasting your money marketing to them. They may simply not be ready yet, but when they are, providing you are still around, they will want to talk to you.

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