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Keep trying to fire yourself

Consider what John T. Chambers, chair of Cisco, means when he says that “we compete against market transitions, not competitors”.

It is getting harder to know if certain companies are ideal partners, or a potential nemesis.

You already know your competitors, and you probably monitor all their activities, but you may be missing what all the other companies now trading centrally or peripherally in your space are up to. This means you now have to monitor the activities of a whole new set of competitors and noise makers.

What’s the impact of this growing marketplace? More and more of the companies we deal with are having to revisit their go-to-market strategies and website content more often than ever.

It’s not necessarily a nice place to be – in the old world, we all fixed these things once a year and then simply got on with executing against the plan.

I am not saying throw out the plan, but the corporate culture has to embrace change. This will inevitably mean wondering what you are doing, why you are doing it and how successful it is, much more often.

Only certain types of people like doing this and you need to decide if you are one of them.

If you do not have the humility and courage to fire your self regularly, there is always the risk that the market will do it for you.


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