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Just an old bag….

Was it just me who missed the fact that it’s not just the supermarkets that plastic shopping bags are obsolete in – it’s also the High Street?!

Last week as I went around all the normal shops – M&S, H&M, Debenhams (the list goes on) – and I was faced with the 5p plastic bags conundrum. It’s not that I’m tight, but I do hate paying for a bag when I do so much shopping! I was unprepared (unlike when I have the reusable to hand at the supermarket) and genuinely surprised that EVERYONE was doing it!

Only afterwards did I find out that all retailers with over 250 employees have to charge 5p per bag.

To avoid being charged further, I started to pack my goods into the bags of another brand. It felt disloyal and wholly wrong to put the H&M clothes into the M&S bag, but what choice do you have?

It got me thinking…just how many branding opportunities are going to be lost by our High Street retailers losing their right to give out a bag?  I’m sure it must have an impact on a retailer’s brand awareness/status.

Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% behind saving the planet and giving money to charity, but I do feel a little nostalgic for the collection of bags (some more favoured than others) I would amass on a spree – not to mention the convenience.

Imagine this year’s big Christmas shop; it could result in you spending £5 on bags alone! OK, maybe not that much but at least £2.

I am sure that luxury brands will generate a good steady income, after all we all like to show off a little when we have a really nice bag from Harrods, so expect shoppers will be ‘happy’ to pay the price. But for those everyday retailers, like good old Marks and Sparks, may well see their cherished goods crammed into an old Tesco bag dug out of the bottom of your handbag!


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