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It’s a blog, not a blurb

I’m not surprised that the average blog takes 3 hours 16 minutes to write, but I’m sure many people will be.

The stat comes from Orbit Media Studios’ third annual blogger survey – and it marks a 26% increase on last year’s average length.

The reason I’m not surprised is that, as a content creator, I know how much work goes into a blog post.

It’s not just the time it takes to write the article itself; it’s the development of the initial concept, the research to formulate a valid viewpoint, and the structuring of that viewpoint into something that makes narrative sense. Only then can you truly put pen to paper in the copywriting sense.

I’m very aware of the pressure content creators face when it comes to budgets for bitesize copy like blog posts. Many people equate short to quick, and wonder why they are being charged several hundred pounds for something that is only several hundred words long.

The truth is, the shorter the content, the harder it is to get right.

Often I’m trying to craft an intelligent opinion on a highly complex subject on one side of A4. It takes a watertight argument and laser penmanship – which in the real world equates to lots of rubbing out and starting again!

When it comes to short form copy, a blog should never be confused with a blurb. It’s not a quick preamble to something more in-depth. It is a rare and tiny gem; small but mighty. It’s an intense pitch on a topic that could just get an elusive prospect engaged.

And with Google’s SEO sophistication increasing day on day, well argued, well written short form content will only become more favoured in the search rankings too.

That tiny blog post holds a lot of power…


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