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How to be certain when all certainty is gone

Economies run on confidence, and the Brexit leave vote has killed that stone dead – leaving us all with no choice but to get our heads down and hope it all blows over. But there is something we can all do, and that is to focus.

Here are five areas of focus that you can do right now to give yourself at least some comfort in a world that has been undermined by the leave campaign.

Revisit your messaging

What are you saying to the market and is it clear? Are you saying one thing but then doing another? Do your messages require too much explanation? Does your website complement what you to say face to face?

Look again at your database

Are all the people you are trying to reach really decision makers, or influencers on the decision makers? You may be reaching everyone and no one. Time to remove uncertainty by removing people. Less is more.

Think about the languages you use

It’s easy to kid yourself that all your prospects in Europe are happy to receive all your communications in English, but they are not. Now, it might be worth adopting some humility and upping your investment in translations, in recognition of the fact that you’re not in the club anymore.

Rethink your events strategy

How close you get to people over the next few years already counts, but after Brexit, it really counts. This is about networking to some extent, however it’s also about knowing where you can make meaningful connections on the back of having a profile.

Be optimistic

You have no choice. Pessimists are rarely visionaries, so best to look ahead and think about how you can contribute to keeping business and jobs safe from the haters, xenophobes and nostalgia merchants.

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