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Ask the hard questions to get honest answers

If you’re selling to retailers, you’ll be all too familiar with the painful process of trying to qualify opportunities and move them forward.

For every company that wants to do something, there are more that might do something – and those that say they will definitely do something but then nothing seems to happen.

As frustrating as it can be trying to lead the horse to water, let alone make it drink, you’ve got to keep pushing forward. And if their approach isn’t going to change, maybe yours needs to…

Here’s a few ideas you might consider to get some of these companies looking at you again, and also giving you a fresh approach to a new set of prospects:

  • Ask them why you do not work for them. You may not like the answer, but equally, your forthright approach may get things moving again.
  • Stop marketing to them in the same way that you have all along, because by now they might have content blindness and don’t notice you.
  • Ask yourself if you are really reaching the right person. Just because they are friendly and read all your content, doesn’t mean they have a budget, power or even influence.
  • Look again at who they work with currently. You may simply have no chance of ousting the incumbent.
  • Check the structure of their internal teams; the decision maker may want to protect their people and keep everything in-house.
  • Qualify out those who aren’t ready to engage, so you free up the time to find new prospects.

For a different outcome, do things differently.

Fieldworks’ Demand Generator model takes a completely fresh approach to retail lead generation, to give technology vendors more leads, more conversions and more marketing ROI.

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