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A little creativity can shake up your social media campaigns

Here at Fieldworks, we’ve definitely learnt a lot from this year’s Social Media Week in London.

Here at Fieldworks, we’ve definitely learnt a lot from this year’s Social Media Week in London.

On Wednesday we were one of lucky ones who attended the Social Shake Up discussion at the IAB offices – and by lucky, we mean we were able to squeeze into the room! The place was packed; it was clear that many people wanted an insight into some of most creative social campaigns of the year.

In a world of social media addicts, it’s no surprise that many brands rely on these channels to engage with potential customers. Yet, with so many companies thinking the same thing, how can your business stand out on the social stream?

Social Shake Up addressed this very question. Four marketing agencies took to the stage to reveal the creative secrets behind client campaigns that had created a particularly high social impact. Here were the findings that I found most inspiring:

Be risky. Social media networks are constantly updated, so getting your tweet noticed is no easy job. We’ve all heard that using imagery with a post is one way to capture attention – but that’s the point; now there are countless people doing just that.

It’s one thing getting noticed, but how can you ensure that your post remains memorable? Well, as the agency Lost Boys revealed, taking risks goes a long way here. Throughout their campaign with FCUK, the agency took advantage of the brand’s risqué image by creating a series of visuals that played tricks on the eye when first viewed. They were designed to show just a snapshot of the full picture – viewers would have to click on the full post to see more. The campaign proved such a success amongst shoppers that FCUK even decided to put its hashtag (#mindfcuk) on a t-shirt!

Use video. There’s nothing more engaging than a video – that’s the message that we took away from TMW Limited’s discussion about their campaign for the deodorant brand Sure. With a limited social following, they needed to invest in something that could generate a lot of reach. Taking advantage of the British festival season, and utilising the catchy hashtag #nonstopsummer, a video was created that showcased how handy the product is in a festival environment. Not only did the video have 93,531 views in total, Sure’s following increased significantly.

Do your research. When cosmetic brand Clinique came to the team at social media network Tumblr, they wanted to target one key audience – millennials. This meant creating a campaign that would specifically appeal to a younger audience.

Tumblr needed to do a great deal of research into their analytics to devise the social strategy, to discover what types of posts resonated the most with its younger users. In this case, inspirational quotes, gifs and ‘girl on the street’ type posts were popular, so these made up the main elements of the Clinique campaign. It worked – the posts generated 38% of organic engagements with the target audience.

Make the most of influencers. Sometimes your social media posts might need a bit of an extra boost to reach new customers. That’s what social media agency Manning Gottlieb OMD acknowledged when devising its campaign for Starbucks. The coffee brand wanted to promote its Frappuccino range throughout the summer, targeting younger consumers specifically.

Vloggers now have an incredible influence on this audience, so the campaign took advantage of their popularity. A series of vloggers featured the Starbucks drink within some of their videos this summer, managing to capture the interest of thousands of potential new customers who may not have followed Starbucks on social media previously.

While all of these strategies were used throughout B2C campaigns, there’s no reason why they can’t be incorporated and tweaked for B2B social media too. Thinking outside the box works wonders with any social campaign, and consumers will appreciate a creative idea that will make them stop scrolling through their endless stream of social posting.


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