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John Lewis helps a generation discover a classic

Like many, I waited with eager anticipation to view this year’s John Lewis Christmas ad this morning.  I’m a big softy at heart and it didn’t disappoint, pressing all the right buttons and causing a lump in my throat.  I love the sentiment and it’s fantastic to see a cause like Age UK brought to the fore.

However, as a music fan, the choice of track is also of interest to me.  In the past, we’ve heard covers of The Smiths and John Lennon and in 2015 it’s the turn of Oasis to get the tribute treatment, this time by relative unknown Aurora.

Now I know Noel Gallagher will be rubbing his hands with glee before the royalty cheque arrives. But there has been some unlikely backlash to the song, with one die-hard fan claiming on social media that it had “ruined my favourite Oasis song and therefore ruined Christmas.”

But just as in fashion, where high street chains might take inspiration from elsewhere to take a style to a wider audience, surely if you like a song, you’d be happy it is being heard by more people? Indeed, surely it is giving the original more opportunity to be found?

Just as I discovered in 1994 – having bought the Whatever single, of which Half The World Away was the B-side – music is a personal thing, meaning different things to different people. So let those messages find a place in your heart and revel in the fact this advert may have helped more people to do the same.

Oh, and Aurora’s version is already being touted as a contender for Christmas number one.


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