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6 top tips for landing pages that convert

In the B2B world, most companies are using landing pages in their sales funnel. The big challenge is optimising those pages to ensure they’re getting the best possible results. If 800 visitors click through from a social post, blog reference or paid ad interested in downloading your market report, or signing-up to a product demo, but only 1 actually converts, you have a problem.

What makes a successful landing page?

The key to presenting a super-converting landing page is to invest in excellent design and optimisation. Here are our tips for landing page best practices – actions which should encourage a high level of conversion.

1) Make sure vital information is visible above the fold

Did you know that online readers tend to visually track across web pages in roughly an ‘F’ pattern – so the top part of the page and a slightly lower subhead are vital areas for copy to display.  Important content, images, and call to action (CTA) buttons should be on that top portion of your landing page. The reality is that few people will bother to scroll down very far, so be sure your core message is presented high up on the page.

2) Write great copy and headlines

Take great care when creating the headlines and subheadings for your landing page. These are the elements that will make people sit up and take notice. If readers aren’t quickly engaged they will bounce off the page in a flash. Bear in mind that good headlines tend to be short and punchy. Sentences are best kept short and sassy too. It’s recommended by expert copywriters to include emotionally compelling power words and attention-getting sentiments – urgency, curiosity and humour all work well. Using numbers in your headlines is very effective. Be wary that adverbs – very, really, easily – often come across as being insipid.

Remember that keyword optimisation is just as important on landing pages as in your other content. Use long tail keywords to help ensure that relevant people find your page.

3) Grab attention with relevant images and video

Studies into online behaviour prove over and over that people drop off sites and web content if there are no images to engage with. Videos and images speak volumes, entertain and inform in the quickest and easiest ways. However, in order for them to work best for you, they must be relevant. For landing pages, these might include video testimonials, animated product demonstrations, pictures of products, lifestyle imagery that brings the use of technology to life. But be careful not to use images that distract or say nothing about your brand or products – such images will only serve to confuse or annoy people who have landed on your page.

4) Include testimonials and endorsements

Trust indicators give your landing page the validation it needs to be taken seriously. So it’s a good idea to include quotes of endorsement, client testimonials, links to studies, and links to positive media coverage. If you’ve earned lots of social media followers, you can also use social share indicators that show the number of followers you have.

5) Test and improve

Making very small changes to a landing page can have surprising results, both positive and negative. Simply changing an image, altering the position of a button, or modifying the font of a heading can increase or reduce conversions significantly. It is therefore imperative to use A/B testing through multiple cycles to vet out each change. Typical elements to test include the wording of the main headline, the CTA and position of the hero shot. Pay particular attention to button colour – green for go, blue for link, orange or red for emotional reaction.

6) Nail conversions with a really strong CTA

The wording of your CTA is the most important piece of micro-content on your landing page. You want to push visitors across the finish line, so think very carefully about what might inspire them to do so. Is there a clear incentive? Have you successfully evoked as sense of FOMO (fear of mission out)? Have you piqued their curiosity sufficiently?

Here are some examples of calls to action that pack a punch:

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