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Social media images on a budget: 3 free stock libraries

If you’ve ever tried marketing over social media, you’ll have had it repeatedly drummed into you how important images are to your success.

With practically every Tweet, Facebook, G+ or LinkedIn update needing an image, it can be very difficult to find enough quality images even with the help of a stock library.

If you’re running social on a budget and some of the big name stock libraries are out of your budget, consider some of the following sites as a place to get some images.

What’s more, hopefully you’ll find some images that will allow you to be more creative in your messaging.


We often use Pexels at Fieldworks. Not only do the images tend to be super high quality but they avoid the “smiling to camera” cheese factor that cram so many stock libraries. It does mean that you may need to be a bit more creative with your image choices though, as finding an exact match to your term may not be possible.


With a focus on artistic and striking images, choice is more limited on Unsplash. Although they only upload 10 new images a day, the collection is large enough for most needs.Definitely worth investigating if you’re looking for some powerful, editorial style images!


Not strictly a stock image library, Canva is a fantastic tool to help you create your own images for social media. It has a selection of free images to choose from but I would recommend using it in conjunction with either Unsplash or Pexels to give your images a unique, customized feel.

If you’ve got a favourite free stock image site to share, I’d love to hear about it. Follow me onTwitter


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