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10 tips for creating knockout B2B content

While the rewards of great B2B content are massive, we’re all fighting to get our voices heard in a highly crowded market.

For the business-to-business copywriter in particular, shouting louder than the rest is a tough job. Not only do we have to come up with great ideas, we need to generate leads in order to prove through leadership’s value as a marketing tool. We also have to grapple with countless approvals from multiple stakeholders, which can so often lead content being diluted.

So how do B2B copywriters strike that balance between creativity and commerce, to come up with intelligence campaigns that also build pipeline? Based on my experiences working in retail technology content marketing, I’ve put together 10 tips for writing B2B content that packs a punch – I hope you find them useful.

Tip 1: Stop telling your story instead of theirs

How can you convince someone to buy something from you if you don’t know what problems and challenges they are facing?  It’s nigh on impossible, yet many B2B content marketing teams believe that their product is the centre of the story.

Your role should be to communicate how your solution helps the customer, whether through productivity, efficiency or financial savings or gains. Get inside the pain points that your clients or prospects are suffering, and build your thought leadership around those challenges – from their point of view.

Tip 2: stop trying to tell everyone everything at once

All too often, content marketers try and be all things to all men, and end up overwhelming their audience. The more targeted you are with your messaging, the more effective your collateral will prove.

Break down your content marketing strategy and focus on every product or service in isolation, or develop specific campaigns for the sector or vertical you’re going after. Your job is to engage them enough to get a foot in the door – leave the upselling to the sales team.

Tip 3: stop selling (all the time)

It might seem counter intuitive to tell you to stop selling when the ultimate role of B2B content marketing is demand generation, but while there may be some prospects who are ready immediately, the vast majority of your audience are somewhere else in the cycle.

Thought leadership is your opportunity to add real value, building that relationship so the audience is receptive when they are ready to make a purchase. Give them insights that will help them to do their job better. By the time they’re back in the buying zone, they’re not only familiar with your brand – they trust your expertise and the battle to secure a sale is half won already.

For the next 7 tips for creating knockout B2B content, download my free webinar – From Boring to BOOM! How to write B2B content that packs a punch.


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